Earn At Home

Looking to make a little spare cash in your down time at home? Here are some great sites to try! The best part is that by spending just a few minutes a day on some of these,  you can earn enough to buy the products you see featured on this site!

  1. Swagbucks is a great way to earn money both online and on your phone. They have two apps you can download on your mobile device. One is the main one which allows you to keep track of points, take the daily poll and do paid tasks. The other is my favorite the tv app which you can download and then simply watch ads on your phone while sitting around your house. The only downside is that there is a max amount of videos per day, but if you reach this maximum and do nothing else on the site you can earn enough points in just one week to get a 5$ Amazon gift card. If you use the pc site you can also take surveys, do paid tasks and earn points for shopping online at many retailers!
  2. instaGC is a site that allows you to earn in multiple ways. The difference between this site and others is that unlike most sites you can cash out at as little as one dollar (100 points)! There are many different gift card options to choose for payment. You can money clicking on pages, taking surveys, signing up for offers, watching videos and even listening to music.
  3. OpinionOutpost is another legitimate site. This is focused on only surveys. You can cash out at as little as 5$. The only downside is that it does seem like you will not qualify for many surveys and that can sometimes be discouraging and a slight waste of time. When you do complete a survey however you will make generally between .50-1.50 for between 5-20 minutes of your time. Occasionally they also have higher paying surveys or surveys which allow you to qualify for product trials, phone surveys, etc.
  4. sendearnings is a great way to get paid for reading a couple emails per day. Each one averages 2 cents. Unfortunately you can not cash out until you reach 30$, so this is a slow process unless you do other tasks on the site including printing coupons, paid tasks, surveys and more.
  5. Perk is a great way to make money from your cell phone. They have a few apps to choose from! One is a quiz app where you can actually rack up points from playing a quiz game. How cool is that? They also offer a phone unlock app which is a great theory, but doesn’t seem to work that well. My favorite app of theirs however is the one which allows you to watch ads from your phone and rack up points. You can do this while on the couch, browsing the internet, you name it! Every time you reach 5000 points you can choose from MANY gift cards to cash out with. Along the way you will also earn tokens that can be used to enter drawings for gift cards.
  6. Bing search is a terrific way to get paid to do what you already do multiple times per day…search the internet. You can set this to your default search engine and watch the points rack up. It is easy to use once you are signed up and you can cash out with gift cards at as low as 3$.
  7. Tellwut is a quick way to earn some points that can later be cashed out for gift cards. All you have to do is take very quick (1-10) fill in the bubble quizzes. These are created by members (you can create one yourself to solve a debate amongst friends or just for fun) so they cover a wide range of interesting topics. There are new quizzes added daily. Each one gives you 5-10 points and once you reach 4000 or more points you can cash out for a variety of 10$ and higher gift cards. The first one will be mailed to your home address and then any additional ones will be emailed to you.

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